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Friday, November 24, 2017
Thanks for your past business!

At this time, we have decided to not take any more orders until further notice.

Click here to choose from over 35 Custom-Printed Yard Sign Titles!

Clear, Crisp, and Easy to Read!

( No funky fonts or graphics to distract drivers from finding your sale )

Example Estate Sale Sign that you can customize below with your own Sale Days, Times, and Location.

Estate Sale Sign - Large Custom Printed Plastic Sign (18" x 24") with Vertical Flutes

If you are serious about getting customers to come to your Estate Sale, you must be sure that your signs clearly and quickly communicate your key sale information to passing drivers.

Attract your customers and save tons of preparation time with this affordable LARGE (18" x 24") custom-printed sign. Your Estate Sale Sign will be custom-printed with clear, crisp, and easy-to-read laser printed letters and will be made of high quality corrugated plastic (also known as coroplast) that won't turn to mush in the rain. You even get to choose the Sale Days, Times, and Location text you want!

While custom-printed signs usually involve extra fees and high quantities, our unique online custom sign generator allows you to quickly and easily specify the key sale information to be printed on your sign at a pleasantly affordable price no matter how many you order. The automated way we designed our sign generator allows us to print your custom sign with no setup fees and no minimum quantities!.

You could spend a lot of time and go through the trouble and headache of making signs from scratch. You could also piece together one of those signs that you have to buy separate stickers and sign headers for and affix them to get the sign to say most of what you need it to. But since you have so many other things to do before your sale, why not let us take care of making your signs so you can check this task off your list?

"The products which I ordered were perfect. Many customers mentioned how great my signs were -- so professional and easy to read. The stickers were a huge help too."

"I believe that many people were affected by the quality of the signs and decided to then check my sale."

"I would most definitely buy from [] in the future. What a great service!"

-- Ann in Potomac, MD

Quickly and easily design your own signs online using our custom sign generator below. Just enter your key sale details, preview your sign, and purchase.

Checked Off, Task Complete!

We even include two large red arrow labels (approximately 3" x 5") with each custom sign that you can place in any orientation to help guide your customers right to your sale.

Also, since the internal flutes of this sign run vertically, you can use our low-profile wire sign stake (sold separately) to easily set up your sign.

How to Make a Sign Online in No Time (Hey, that Rhymes!)

It's easy! Just enter the Sale Days, Times, and Location you want printed on your custom sale sign below, preview it, and then add the number of your custom Estate Sale Signs you would like to your shopping bag. Purchase your items and check off your to do list!


The Title or Heading of your custom sign will be as follows:

Sign Title:

Select the Starting and Ending Days and Times for your sale:

Starting Day:
Ending Day:
Starting Time:
Ending Time:

Type what you want printed in the Street Address (or Location) area of the sign:

Line #1:
Line #2:

When you are happy with your sign detail selections above, click on the button below and we will show you a preview of what your custom sign will look like.


Once you are satisfied that we have your correct sign information, enter the number (Qty) of Estate Sale Signs you would like below and then click the "Add To Your Shopping Bag" button.


Don't forget to also order our low-profile wire sign stake (sold separately) to easily set up your sign.

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