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Tuesday, April 24, 2018
Thanks for your past business!

At this time, we have decided to not take any more orders until further notice.

Pre-Printed Price Label Set (360 Labels)

Say goodbye to hand cramps from writing out those tedious price labels - we'll do the work for you! Just select a price, peel, and stick. It's that simple! Available in your choice of the 6 bright colors shown below.

If would like different printed prices than what comes in this set, you can choose your own custom prices and we will be happy to print them with no setup fees!

"I cannot imagine having to write a price tag out for every little item..."

"The stickers were a HUGE time saver!"

-- Barbara in Oak Forest, IL

"We had 7 families in one sale... without color coding, it would have been a nightmare."

-- Tracie in Muncie, IN

Our Pre-Printed Price Label sets are perfect for color coding items at multi-family sales! Just choose a color for each family's items. When your customers come to pay your cashier, the color of the price label will tell who should get credited with the sale.

Each set contains 360 labels (3/4" diameter) of the color you choose.

Choose the color of your label set:

NOTE: Colors and fonts shown are approximate and may not match the actual product due to variations in monitor and browser settings. Printing on each label may be slightly off-centered due to production limitations.

1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00




Printed prices included in this set:

Printed Price Qty.
5 (5)
10 (5)
25 (20)
50 (20)
75 (10)
1.00 (40)
2.00 (30)
3.00 (20)
Printed Price Qty.
4.00 (20)
5.00 (40)
6.00 (10)
7.00 (10)
8.00 (10)
9.00 (10)
10.00 (30)
15.00 (10)
Printed Price Qty.
20.00 (10)
25.00 (10)
30.00 (5)
40.00 (5)
50.00 (5)
75.00 (5)
(BLANK) (30)
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