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Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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Label sheet examples - one in each available color

Customized Pre-Printed Price Label Set (360 Labels)

Name Your Price! Now you can select just the prices you want in your own customized price label set with no setup fees! Your sale is unique and you should have the freedom to choose how much to price your items for.

Don't be forced into taking lower prices for your items by using those pre-packaged price label sets from the store. The people who picked the prices in those sets don't know what you're selling and how much you want to sell it for - only you do. Eliminate having to throw away unusable price labels by selecting just how many of each price label amount you want in your own set. Your set can even have labels that say "AS-IS" or "FREE". Clothing sizes such as "S", "M", "L", "XXL", etc. may also be printed. Just tell us what you want below.

Label set comes on three sheets of 3/4" diameter labels (each sheet contains 120 labels). You can order your set in one of six bright colors (shown below). 360 labels per set.

"When I run low on these [labels], I'll get more. Your card is up on my bulletin board."

"I liked that you could specify the amount of each custom [label]."

-- Krista in San Antonio, TX (Store Owner)

Choose your own Printed Prices:

Enter the Printed Prices and the Quantities of the price labels that you want printed on your custom label set below. Printed Prices can be up to 5 characters in length and may contain letters. This way you can have some "price" labels that are printed as "FREE", "AS-IS", "WORKS", "S", "M", "L", "XL", etc.

To have a price label printed with the cents ("cents sign") sign such as "25cents sign", enter the Printed Price as "0.25". To get a "5cents sign" label, enter the Printed Price as "0.05". Dollar prices may be entered with either the decimal point ("10.00") or dollar sign ("$10"), however we recommend that you use the decimal point format for Printed Prices below $100. Printed Prices $100 and up must use the dollar sign format.

Don't worry about entering in your Printed Prices in numerical order. Our software will automatically print your labels out in numerical order no matter what order you enter them in.

Printed Price Qty.
Printed Price Qty.
Printed Price Qty.
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Choose the color of your label set:

NOTE: Colors and fonts shown are approximate and may not match the actual product due to variations in monitor and browser settings. Printing on each label may be slightly off-centered due to production limitations.

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