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Arranging Items

Similar items should be grouped together. Sales where it looks like everything was just dumped into a pile are a big turnoff. If you have clothes for sale, group them by size as well.

If you make it easy for your customers to find what they are looking for, you make it easy for them to buy something from you.


Dealing with Early Birds

If early birds show up at your sale you have two choices:

  1. You can tell them that you will not be selling any items until the sale's advertised start time and that they will have to wait.
  2. You can sell stuff to them right away.

Which one you choose is up to you. Keep in mind though, that early birds can sometimes be dealers interested in re-selling your stuff. This means that they will probably offer less money for an item than what you could sell it for to someone who comes later who wants it for themself. They know that if they come back later in the day, the item will probably be gone (That is why they are at your sale so early).

The other thing to keep in mind, is that early birds can be a distraction while setting up your sale. If you let them go through your stuff while you are still bringing stuff out for your sale, they may take up your time by asking several questions about your stuff. This could prevent you from being ready for your real starting time and could cause you to lose sales of items that were not out (or clearly priced) when a potential customer came by.

If an early bird does not want to wait for your starting time, try to get their contact information as well as the types of items that they are interested in. This way, if something doesn't sell at your sale, you can call them and see if they are interested later.


Haggling / Bargaining / Dickering

Ah, one of the pleasures/annoyances of having a sale. Many people are not comfortable when negotiating a price for something. This probably stems from our society selling most things at a firm price. If you go to the grocery store and a bag of chips is marked $1.09, you don't take it to the checkout person and say "Would you take 75 cents?" You would just pay the marked price without thinking about it.

Yard sales are different. While many people don't like to try and talk you down in price (this is why it is critical to clearly mark prices on your stuff), many people at yard sales expect and enjoy it. Don't be surprised when you hear the inevitable phrases "Would you take ..." and "I'll give you ..." It's just part of the experience.


Letting Customers Inside

We have just four words about letting your potential customers inside your house during your sale - DO NOT DO IT! While many people are honest, many people are not. The person asking if they could use your bathroom or phone could very well be a thief trying to look through your house to see if they want to steal something from you at a later date.

Unless you know the person well, we strongly discourage this.


Protecting Your Customers

Set breakable/sharp items close to you so you can see if someone is doing something to get hurt by them. Keep a real close eye on children at your sale and gently encourage them away from a potentially dangerous item if you are concerned.


Being Comfortable

On hot summer days, sitting outside all day for your sale can be quite uncomfortable. Set up a comfortable chair for yourself where there is shade so you can escape the sun's heat. Have a pair of sunglasses handy to help ease your eyes on bright days. A good book could help keep your mind occupied if you have some slow times at your sale.

Drink lots of liquids throughout the day to keep hydrated. Fill a cooler with bottled/canned drinks and ice before your sale to keep them cold.

It is nice to have someone to help you so that you can give each other breaks now and then.


Socializing With Neighbors

In our area, neighbors usually come over to visit if you have a yard sale. It is somewhat relaxing to take a stroll down the street to a neighbor's sale and just browse on a Saturday or Sunday. Take this opportunity to catch-up with what is going on in your neighbor's life. You might even meet neighbors you didn't know you had!


Being Polite

No matter how much it irritates you that someone wants you to cut your "giveaway price" down even further, you must not show it. Always be polite. Give a gentle answer to someone who is hostile. Remember, "A gentle answer turns away wrath" (Proverbs 15:1 - NIV).


Handling Money

Always keep your money on your person or safely inside your house. We do not recommend keeping it in a cash box that could be stolen from when you aren't near it.

Be discreet when pulling out your money to give change. You don't want to tempt a person by showing them that you are loaded with cash. Put larger bills inside your house for safekeeping as you get them.


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