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Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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Let's Get Started!

Congratulations! Now that you have decided to plan a garage sale or yard sale, you'll need to get started. Some rewarding work is ahead of you. In order to help your yard sale be a success, we suggest that you start right now with the following steps:

  1. Read the Sale Tips Section. This can be found on the left side of this page. Start with the Old Way vs. New Way link and discover how you can use Yard Sale Supplies .com to help make it easier for you to plan your sale. Next, move on to the Sign Tips page for suggestions on how to have effective signage to maximize visitors. Finally, go through the Before Your Sale, During Your Sale, and After Your Sale links for lots of more good ideas to help you with your sale.
  2. Determine the Prices You Need. Take inventory of the items you would like to sell and note the prices you would like to offer them for. This should give you a good idea of which prices you will need to select when you order your Custom Price Label Set. If you have a lot of stuff, it should also tell you how many price label sets you will need to order.
  3. Draw a Map. This doesn't have to be fancy. Just make a rough sketch of the immediate area leading up to your garage sale. Include the nearby major intersections that would have the most traffic on the day of your sale. Mark the rough locations of each intersection where you plan to place a sign on your map (make sure you follow your local rules for sign placement). Each 4-way intersection will need at least 3 signs and each T-intersection will need at least 2. If possible, place your signs some distance before each intersection so your customers will have time to react if they need to turn there (you certainly don't want them to get into an accident on the way to your sale).
  4. Mark the Sign Arrow Directions. On the map you just drew, mark each sign location with the direction the arrow labels on that particular sign need to be pointing to tell your customers how to get to your yard sale. The three options are: Left, Right and Up (for keep going straight - don't turn here).
  5. Determine the Number of Signs Needed. Count up all the sign locations that you have drawn on your map. This total is the number of signs you will need to order. Decide whether you want to use the Custom Printed Signs or the head turning yellow and black Yard Sale Signs which you will need to write your sale information on by hand. You could also choose to make your signs from scratch using 18 x 24 inch corrugated plastic sign sheets if you have the time.
  6. Invite Your Neighbors and Friends to Participate. Holding a Multi-Family or Neighborhood Yard Sale can increase the number of visitors to your sale just because your customers will tend to think:

    More Families = More Selection = More Bargains

    Bringing more items together in one local area makes it easier for your customers to buy from you. Another benefit to you is that you can ask your neighbors to share the advertising investment with you. You can also pool your money together and invest in more signs to help drive even more customers to your sale. If you have other people participating in your sale, tell them to also read the first two steps in this list and figure out what prices they will need in their price label set as well.
  7. Pick a Date and Time. Now it is time to choose when you will have a sale. Will it be a one day or two day sale? If you can, pick a date at least 2-3 weeks away so you have enough time to prepare for it. Don't pick a date or time that people will likely not be able to attend your sale.
  8. Place Your Order. Now that you know what you're selling and how many signs you need, it's time to place your order. If others are going to participate, get their Price Label Set details and color choices so that you can group your orders together and save money on shipping. Ideally, you should place your order at least 2-3 weeks before your sale to give you enough time to prepare once you receive your order. If you are ordering some of the Custom Printed Signs or making your own signs on the Corrugated Plastic Sign Sheet with Vertical Flutes, make sure you also order enough Wire Sign Stands. For other signs, you may need to get wooden stakes (and screws) from your local hardware store. Don't forget to order Magic Markers if you need those too.
  9. Place Your Advertisements. If you are going to advertise in your local paper, select the paper that you see the most garage sales advertised in. This is paper that your customers will most likely look in to find your sale. Find out what their ad submission deadline is and make sure you can meet it for the issue(s) you want your ad to appear in. Write your ad and submit it.
  10. Prepare for Your Order to Arrive. Before your order arrives, you should gather in one place (if possible) the items you want to sell. This way, you can easily and quickly price your items when your price labels arrive. If other people will be joining you in your sale, decide who will make and/or place your signs. Also, decide where your items will be set up and gather any tables needed to display your items on. This is also a good time to gather the money you will use to give change to your customers.
  11. When Your Order Arrives. After your order arrives, give each participant their price label set and have them start pricing their items. Make your signs if necessary. Give a copy of the sign map to each person placing your signs along with the completed signs and stakes they are responsible to set up. Decide how many days in advance they will go out and place the signs. After the signs are set up, take your sign map and drive by them all to make sure they are all set up correctly.
  12. Sale Day. Set up your tables and bring out your sale items that you already put your price labels on. Make sure everything has a price label on it and mark off any areas you don't want your customers to go in. If possible, have someone drive by your signs once more to make sure they are still where they are supposed to be. Grab the change you set aside earlier and keep it in a safe place. When your sale time comes, "open your doors" and start making sales. Enjoy the day!

    (For more garage sale tips, see the following links: Sign Tips, Before Your Sale, During Your Sale, and After Your Sale)
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