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List the Items You Are Looking For

Make a list of the items you know you want to look for. This will help you to remember to look for certain important items at each sale you go to.

It can be very distracting looking at all of the interesting things that you will find at the sales you go to. Making a list will free you up to browse while still keeping you focused in your search.


Identify the Sales To Go To

Look through your local newspapers where people tend to advertise the most yardsales. First, identify the ones that might have the items youare looking for. After that, identify the ones that just seem interesting to you. You may want to write all of the addresses of the sales down in a list.

Find and mark the locations of each sale out on a map so that you can get a feel for where they are located. Try to determine the order that you will visit the sales in a way that minimizes how much driving you will have to do. This will free up more of your time so you can do more browsing. Also, consider the starting times of the sales you would like to visit. You can start with the ones that open earlier.


Determine a Fair Price

Before buying an item on your list (or any item for that matter), determine what a fair price would be for that item at a yard sale. Start by getting current prices for similar new items in stores. A fair "Yard Sale" price is typically 25% to 40% of the price of a similar new item, depending on its condition.

Write down the prices you would be willing to pay next to each item you have on your list. This way it will be right where you need it when you are out looking for stuff.


Get Some Cash

Plan to get some cash in small bills before you go out, especially when you go out early. If you get cash from an ATM machine ($10 and $20 bills), make sure that you break them before going to your yard sales. You can do this by buying something small like a pack of gum or breath mints with a $20 bill at a local convenience store.

The reason for having small bills is that sometimes the person who is having the yard sale you visit will forget to have small bills for change on hand. This makes it difficult for them to give change until they have made some sales to customers who have paid with small bills.


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