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Tuesday, April 24, 2018
Thanks for your past business!

At this time, we have decided to not take any more orders until further notice.
Here is just a sampling of what our customers are saying

"I cannot imagine having to write a price tag out for every little item..."

"The stickers were a HUGE time saver!"

-- Barbara in Oak Forest, IL

"I received my order very quickly. Everything was in perfect condition."

"The size of the signs attracted many people. They were much larger than the other signs that were in the surrounding area."

"I think the supplies that I purchased from your company made a difference in my sale. The pricing stickers saved a lot of prep time. I would recommend to anyone that is having a sale."

-- Rhonda in Hopatcong, NJ

"When I run low on these [labels], I'll get more. Your card is up on my bulletin board."

"I liked that you could specify the amount of each custom [label]."

-- Krista in San Antonio, TX (Store Owner)

"Having the pre-priced stickers, sped up the pricing process."

"I would suggest to others, that they concentrate on a great quantity of stickers with low prices: 25, 50, 75, cents and $1."

"I took the stickers with me to the yard sale, and reduced certain items as the day wore on, keeping the original price showing."

-- Heather in Las Vegas, NV

"Your price tags and signs were a big help to me... and your quick delivery was fabulous...thank you!"

"I will definitely re-order from you again."

-- Marilyn in Gilbert, AZ

"I was very happy with the price stickers. They were shipped fast and I do like them."

"My flea markets start in May and these will save a lot of time. Thank you."

-- Ricki in Madison, WI (Flea Market Vendor)

"We were very happy with the products and services we received. Our signs looked great."

"Several people commented on the price stickers we used. It made it easier for everyone to get things organized and ready for the sale."

"All families together sold about $900 over a Friday and Saturday sale."

"I have been happy to tell others about your service and I would happily use your products again."

-- Staci in Clemson, SC

"The labels look great. Thanks for the follow up."

-- Louise in Centreville, VA

"Your products were great, we used the pre-printed price stickers in custom amounts. We are moving soon and got rid of everything we wanted to!"

"I would order again and I would recommend your site too. "

-- Carole in Aurora, IL

"Thank you for responding back to me in such a detailed manner. Due to the detail and amount of the information you sent, (and coming from the President, himself), really means a lot."

"Your company is great! WITHOUT QUESTION I WILL ENTHUSIACIALLY RECOMMEND YOUR SITE TO OTHERS! I wish you great success in the future."

-- Ken in Arlington, TX

"The number of labels for each price was right on! I had enough of each one and NONE of my stickers fell off! Thanks."

-- Erica in Gladstone, MO

"I received the materials on time and in great condition! Many customers commented on how very well organized I was, with all items pre-priced and good signage to our sale."

"There was another sale in our neighborhood and that homeowner came to our sale because so many folks commented on how good my sale was going and what great prices, organization I had."

"Many customers asked where I bought my signs. I told about 40 people about your products and the ease with which to purchase them online."

-- Cheri in Fair Oaks, CA

"My yard sale was held in April and it was the first my sister and I have ever done. We sold approx. $2000.00 worth of items. The merchandise I ordered from your company was wonderful, received quickly and in great condition at a cost that was most affordable."

"Many thanks to you and your staff for the attention you obviously give to each customer and for meeting the needs and expectations of myself and family. I am sure I will be doing business with you in the [future] and have already given your website to others for their use."

-- Carol in Bridgeport, CT

"I had trouble with the web site when ordering again. As usual, the response time to my problem was very quick. With many other companies you wait weeks on end for an answer. I had a response from your company right away. That alone will keep me coming back."

-- Rhonda in Hopatcong, NJ

"When I tried to make my own sign I totally botched it up, I wish that I had ordered two custom signs, they really look professional and stand out!"

-- Pam in Pasadena, CA

"I ABSOLUTELY will order from you again, and would recommend you to any/every one."

-- Juliette in Stratford, CT

"At first I thought I was spending too much before the sale in preparation, but I think it was an excellent investment. Also, the many miracles I experienced that day were totally unexpected."

"It was amazing to see how my unused stuff could make a difference to other people, and at least 4 church organizations. It was a very amazing weekend. Thank you for the many helpful suggestions. "

-- Kris in Holland, MI

"The items I ordered were very useful for the yardsale. It was a community yardsale and yes, we would call on your company for our next one."

"The items arrived quickly and they were exactly what I was looking for. Thanks"

-- Julia in Grasonville, MD

"It was easy to price all our stuff and the sign looked great. We can use it again because I didnt put the date on the sign."

-- Lisa in Minneapolis, MN

"The products which I ordered were perfect. Many customers mentioned how great my signs were -- so professional and easy to read. The stickers were a huge help too."

"I believe that many people were affected by the quality of the signs and decided to then check my sale."

"I would most definitely buy from [] in the future. What a great service!"

-- Ann in Potomac, MD

"The signs were very easy to use and large enough to read from far away, and the preprinted price labels made pricing take less than half the time it would have otherwise!"

-- Michelle in Centerville, OH

"We received our order very shortly after we placed it. The price tags certainly made it easier."

"We'll certainly use your products in the future."

"I don't know if you received other orders from this area; we mentioned your website in our monthly community newsletter. Thanks."

-- Ken in Annandale, VA

"Our yard sale was great. The price tags I bought were wonderful, very brightly colored and they arrived very quickly. I will use your site again next year when I have another sale. Thanks."

-- Holly in Eden Prairie, MN

"I was able to organize sizes better. Also it was a lot less time consuming putting premade stickers on, than writing it out on tape. Plus the stickers had color, which made them easier to see than tape."

"I just want to say, thank you for having this web site. Your product saved me so much time, especially on my weekends, while trying to prepare for the sale."

-- Rachel in Monticello, MN

"We received our order very quickly which gave us plenty of time to get prepared for the sale."

"The supplies we received from really helped us get organized and we were really ready when the doors opened."

"There were numerous questions at the sale about where we got the price stickers and the signs. I finally wrote down the website name and started handing them out. Must have been at least 20 people asked. Add that to our relatives and you got some pretty good exposure."

"We would definitely order supplies again. It made the hard part a lot easier."

-- Dan in Oklahoma City, OK

"We loved your package and our yard sale was a "hit" even though we live in the boon docks!!! We particularly like the stickums for prices. That was great."

"Signs for yardsale were great and relatively painless to assemble. We made $600 in 2 days and got rid of a lot of Stuff!!"

-- Carolyn in Woodbourne, NY

"I feel very fortunate to have found your website. The signs are great, the tips about having a sale are especially good for someone like me that just had their first sale, and the price stickers are wonderful. They really cut the time down. I had no idea how much time it would take to get ready for a sale!!!"

-- Carol in Portland, OR

"We had 7 families in one sale... without color coding, it would have been a nightmare."

-- Tracie in Muncie, IN

"I will definitely order again from []."

-- Charles in Port Neches, TX

"The big sign was great...we've had a garage sale every year for the past 10, so we will be able to use this sign again next year. Stickers were great... Since it was a multi-family sale, each "family" had their own color."

-- Stephanie in Hackensack, NJ

"The stickers saved me a tremendous amount of time and energy by not having to write out prices. Love your site and the advice is great and very useful."

-- Jenny in Carmel, IN

"The sign materials were very sturdy and useful. The price stickers were wonderful and easy to place and spot on the merchandise. And they stayed put! Thank you!"

"Thanks for the tips. Your site is very helpful for the novice garage sale merchant like myself. Best of luck!"

-- Martha in Centennial, Colorado

"I ordered late and still received the signs in perfect time. I also received very courteous assistance when I called."

"I had comments from a lot of the people who came that my signs were wonderful. I do marketing for a living and I know how important it is to "do things right" if you want good results."

"I was selling a lot of quality, high end furnishings and I needed "quality" signs to relay the message. They were perfect and I am certain helped to attract many people to my sale (I had over 200 attendees last Saturday.) Thank you."

"If I ever do this again, I will be sure to contact []. Good Luck."

-- Nancy in Wilton, CT (Marketing Coordinator)

"Hi, I have located my order of price labels. I am very sorry to have inconvenienced you. My daughter had put them up and I didn't know."

"I am very impressed with your direct communication and cooperative attitude. Very admirable...rare now-a-days."

"Thank you so much and I will get back to you to order future items when I put my garage sale on. I will share your website with my friends and I wish you the best, because you give your best."

-- Sandy in Ballwin, MO

"I was thrilled to even get a call on a weekend day when I was having a problem placing the order online. Thanks for the follow-up."

-- Lolie in Washington, DC

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