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Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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At this time, we have decided to not take any more orders until further notice.

About ProtoQuest, Inc.

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Founded in 2000 entirely with private investment money, ProtoQuest, Inc. has set out to identify real needs in the marketplace and effectively solve them using current technology.

About Yard Sale Supplies .com

"Helping You Have the Most Organized and Stress-Free Sale Ever!"™

The Yard Sale Supplies .com website concept was the brainchild of ProtoQuest, Inc.'s founder and President, Neil MacAnanny. Mr. MacAnanny personally enjoys visiting yard sales, flea markets, and hamfests.

While preparing for one of his own yard sales, he realized that a lot of preparation time can be spent on handwriting all those price labels and making directional signs. He wanted to find a way to make it easier and quicker for everyone to prepare for their sale.

"Everyone having a yard sale has to prepare [these price labels and signs].", said MacAnanny. "Up until now, we have all been stuck handwriting our price labels because it just doesn't make sense to spend $60 to $100 on a price labeling gun for just one sale. Even if I had a price labeling gun, I don't think I would use it for a yard sale or flea market. People can associate the rectangular-shaped labels that these guns produce with full retail pricing since that is what they see so often in stores. The brightly colored round labels that we see at many yard sales can help us think of the item it is placed on as 'A real bargain', 'Steeply discounted', or 'On clearance'. I thought that if there was a way to provide an assortment of pre-printed price labels in this round format, it could really save people a lot of preparation time and even increase their sales. If it could be done in a variety of colors, people could group their items together with their neighbors' to have a bigger sale with bigger crowds. Each family could use a different price label color to help sort out the accounting."

"As for the signs," MacAnanny continued, "they are absolutely critical to the success of your sale. If your customers can't find you, how are they going to give you all that money to haul away the stuff that you don't need anymore? I can't tell you how many yard sale signs I have seen outside that have been ruined by rain, humidity, or wind because they were paper-based. I feel sorry for the people who worked so hard to make these signs only to have them become useless to them before their sale starts. I went to my local print shop to find out how much it would cost to have those 18" x 24" corrugated plastic signs made up with all my custom sale information already printed on them. I was disappointed when they said they would be $25 each with a minimum purchase of four signs. If I needed 8 signs, that would come to $200! There was no way I would do that for a yard sale. It was at that point I began thinking of how I could produce a large, plastic-based, sign with all of a particular sale's information already printed on it that would be affordable to anyone holding a yard sale."

Mr. MacAnanny took these problems and spent over a year developing and bringing you the inexpensive time-saving products you see on the Yard Sale Supplies .com website. His software engineering background enabled him to create the unique ordering system found here that actually allows you to see images of your custom label sets and custom printed signs before you order.

Our Vision

Our vision for Yard Sale Supplies .com is to be an invaluable resource for everyone having or going to a yard sale. That is why we have added the tips section to help you think of a wide variety of things related to having and going to yard sales. Our resource center was created to serve those having and going to yard sales as well as those who could benefit from the products offered at Yard Sale Supplies .com.

Please feel free to contact us with requests for quantity quotes, questions, desired web site features, and suggestions on how we can serve you better.

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